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For instance, customers in the U. Overall brand equity 7-Eleven is generally perceived as the market leader by consumers in the convenience store sector. After a successful trial at 36 Austin, Texas stores, Southland began planning for the expansion of the centers into more than 7-Elevens in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The dramatic increase in business prompted reorganization of the company.

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This is because delivery costs have been included in the price of the product. The company also awards its employees who have completed their one year in company by profit sharing.

And 7-Eleven is already making some headway on this front.

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During the company added stores through acquisitions and new construction--the biggest jump since This higher operating cost structure will mean that they will need to adopt a price premium approach. Place: Following is the distribution strategy of 7-Eleven: 7-Eleven stores was started in Dallas,Texas in the year but by the end of s the stores were spread to Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. A crowd of 1, attended the Dallas theater sponsoring the event. Other major foreign territories include Taiwan with 1, units, Thailand with 1,, China with , Australia with , South Korea with , Malaysia with , and the Philippines with Thompson, was named to the board of directors. Despite the financial confusion, profits from the Tote'm Stores continued to climb, and with the repeal of Prohibition in , ice and beer sales surged.

The most famous of this are probably the Slurpee and the Big Gulp. Such a system had already been installed by the highly successful Seven-Eleven Japan operation, which through its nearly 8,unit chain was one of the most profitable retailers in Japan.

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So the store offers food varieties for breakfast till midnight. The company just should adjust to be appropriate in economic environment and culture in each countries. In late , Southland remodeled and remerchandised its 50 stores in Austin, Texas, to test its new physical standards, commissary foodservice program, and new merchandising process. Third, Innovation, in the company reinforced the concept of customer convenience not only at the level of operations, but also expanded to level of technology. A crowd of 1, attended the Dallas theater sponsoring the event. This is beneficial due to its large reach and ability to attract a large number of people. Forecasting the future So, what's next for the nearly year-old retailer, and how will it continue to generate convenient experiences in the years ahead? This would ensure that 7 Eleven increases its sales.

In addition, Southland experimented with its first hour store, in Las Vegas, and expanded to the East Coast and into Canada in People: 7-Eleven company employees more than employees and hires college graduates and military veterans among its staff.

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