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See Also. ACL reconstruction can be done with several different graft choices. Patellar Tendon Autograft The patellar tendon is the structure on the front of your knee that connects the kneecap patella to the shin bone tibia. In comparison to BTB autograft, a hamstring typically provides more intra-articular graft volume and has incorporation rates similar to BTB. The use of autograft eliminates concerns about allograft contamination, disease transmission and structural compromise from irradiation. The jury is still out in terms of good research as to whether this graft is equivalent to either a patellar tendon or hamstring graft. Advantages: The most common problem following ACL surgery using the patellar tendon is a pain over the front of the knee. Historically, the challenge with using hamstrings for ACL reconstruction was graft fixation methods.

Han et al. One of the more important benchmarks in recovery is the twelve weeks post-surgery period. However, advancements in screening and sterilization make this risk exceedingly small. Of the questionnaires that were returned, Furthermore, Removal of this tendon, even partial, may alter the biomechanics of the extensor mechanism, leading to pathological conditions such as patellar instability and maltracking 1.

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Does the graft source really matter in the outcome of patients undergoing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction? Synthetic tissue for ACL reconstruction has also been developed, but little data exists on its strength and reliability. Recently, a decision analysis study showed that, reconstruction with hamstrings is low cost and offers high reliability Beasley et al.

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In addition to flexion deficit and muscle weaknesses, it also results in reduced stability 47 The abnormal bone movement can also damage the tissue, this damage can lead to osteoarthritis. Some studies have failed to show any difference in stability measures between the 2 types of reconstructions.

Reconstructions with HT graft were characterized by a lower incidence of complications.

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In the past, the hamstring tendon HT graft was poorly considered because used in a single-strand or double-strand fashion 10 Biomechanical studies showed that quadrupled HT graft offered greater strength and the same stiffness as the patellar tendon

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