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Be sure you plan to use your E-bike regularly to get the most out of it.

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The range of the bike decreases with the life of the batteries, and even with the best of care, could decrease substantially after a year or so of use. I have seen some airlines are allowing E-bike batteries on board check with your airline for their policy. Owners who want to sell their e-bikes may have difficulty in finding buyers. Exposed to the elements Unless you live in southern California you will probably encounter rain and nasty weather on a number of occasions when you are commuting to work. I am presently using mysixth set of batteries in a little over 7 years of use. Also note that some states in India offer concessions in costing, or concessions in taxes. This extra acceleration can really help when maneuvering around cars and get you where you are going despite the traffic. E-bikes vibrate more and most people have a tendency to ride more on an E-bike. This is not really a problem in most circumstances for most riders, and this problem is less with motors of higher wattage. Running range: The range of an e-bike is the distance that the bike will run on a single charge. Complexity - Electric bicycles have more parts than a normal bicycle, so that means more chance of something going wrong. Many convenient features designed for easy maintenance are also ideal for thieves to quickly remove parts. As a result, electric bikes provide a convenient, accessible, extremely enjoyable cycling experience to a wide and diverse range of riders.

E-bike is very inexpensive to run and can be charged anywhere An E-bike gives you a quite enjoyable ride that gives a little extra boost when you need it.

This limitation makes it important to plan your trip and figure out how far you have to go before running out of power and have to rely on peddle power alone.

An E-bike has a limited load carrying capabilities.

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Let's list the advantages and disadvantages of electric bicycles? The table below summarizes the primary advantages and disadvantages of using an electric bike, giving you a quick, at a glance resource to use as you consider becoming an ebike owner: Pros. Disadvantages: 1.

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On hot days there is no AC and on cold days there is no heat.

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