All for love by john dryden

Act One[ edit ] Serapion describes foreboding omens of storms, whirlwinds, and the flooding of the Nile of Egypt's impending doom. Antony then falls on his sword but misses his heart and begins bleeding profusely. The play really rockets forward to its climax and I imagine it would be very effective in live performance.

However, Cleopatra wins this argument by demonstrating a letter showing that she refused Egypt and Syria from Octavius.

All for love by john dryden

Cleopatra is in despair when she hears that Antony plans to leave her. For instance, the water of the Nile overflowed and left behind monstrous sea creatures. He also comes to know that Antony has not eaten anything for days. Meanwhile, Antony asks Dollabella to break the news of his departure to Cleopatra. He sees that Cleopatra dotes on Antony and worries that Antony will not continue seeing Cleopatra. Both Antonys are men acknowledging the doom of their fate, but Dryden puts up more of a fight Alexas enter and tell Antony that Cleopatra has prayed for him and also given some gifts as a token of her love. Serapion bursts into the throne room, leading Alexas in chains. In the subsequent meeting between Cleopatra and Antony, Ventidius appears and tries to proclaim how Cleopatra is not Antony's rightful partner and would betray him for her own safety. Alexas, Cleopatra's eunuch, dismisses Serapion's claims and is more concerned with Cleopatra's relationship with Antony. The battle with Octavius continues to go disastrously for the Egyptians. At this news, all the fight goes out of Antony. In order to claim his army, then, Antony will have to leave her.

I found the differences between the two plays interesting. The result was absolutely the opposite.

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Alexas suggests that Cleopatra should tie the bracelet onto Antony's wrist. The Dryden looks to the tradition of Shakespeare but it is all toned down in its attempt to have the play observe the classic Reading for book group.

Cleopatra is in despair when she hears that Antony plans to leave her. Octavia has also brought their two daughters, Agrippina and Antonia. Antony weeps as they part but orders that they never see each other again.

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All for Love (play)