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In Mesopotamia the chief god was king of the gods and ruled over the cosmos run by the gods.

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Nebuchadnezzar thought of himself as king of the world, controlling all of Mesopotamia and Syro-Palestine. The netherworld according to the Egyptians was referred to in terms of the sky, Imhet the west and Duat the east.

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His treatment of aspects of religion, perceptions of the cosmos, and anthropological understandings reveal his skill as a scholar as well as a teacher. Therefore, it becomes just as valuable as the factual. Well worth the investment. This very readable book is written for graduate students, teachers, and adults with a good grasp of biblical background. Particularly to be recommended are the methodological comments, which are a must-read for the beginner. This epic is truely one of the great literary masterpieces of all times. The writer's style is inviting for students, because an effort is made to clarify concepts without overly simplifying them. Now let us notice some of the similarities between this code and the later Hebrew laws. In other words the epic was more political than religious. A good discourse is more hidden than the precious green stone, and yet it is found with slave girl over the mile-stone. This corresponds well with burnt destruction layers discovered by archaeologists at town sites in Ishuwa of roughly the same date. His introductory chapter on comparative studies sets the groundwork for the student to understand the 'Conceptual World of the Hebrew Bible,' as he subtitles his book. The gods could be responsible for justice, although their judgments could be imperfect.

In both the knowledge was a power which was an attribute of divinity. Yet Walton repeatedly demonstrates how Israel's faith was distinct, its God revealing his will by writing his law on his people's hearts, a metaphor from divination implying that they reveal his law to others.

The gods could be responsible for justice, although their judgments could be imperfect.

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The sacrifices could be bulls, birds, rats, pigs and dogs. A married woman was permitted to hold property Of course, there are many more similarities existing between these versions, but they will be discussed in more detail when we come to the Babylonian documents which in turn are based upon Sumerian sources.

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Second was the Coffin Texts, which superseded the Pyramid Texts and these writings, showed that the afterlife was now available to the common folk. See Wright and Filson. These were engraved into the sky. The Near East viewed time as past and future, whereas the West views time as linear. Working through these sections one becomes aware of being under the expert tutelage of a master-teacher. Fortunately, through numerous excavations and assiduous decipherings, that door has been opened. Annals and chronicles, treaties, legal documents and law collections make up yet another category of ANET that gives insight the cultures of the times. Of course, any logical thinker must believe the contrary. The moon played an important role, as the Near East saw the cycles and developed the lunar calendar. Critical scholars challenge other scholars on their interpretations and findings, thus leaving room for debate.
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