Business plan format for restaurant

how to write a restaurant business plan

Leave it to Linda Catering already has an established clientele in the area. Download The Guide 4. The mission is not only to have great tasting food, but have efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount.

Sticking with the fine-dining example, what about your market research tells you that you'll be bringing something unique to the market. They have no plan to deal with problems and unexpected expenses and don't understand the scope of the cost associated with opening a restaurant.

A place where you always know you will get the best of everything.

fast food restaurant business plan sample

Outline exactly who your food vendors will be, how you will track sales and inventory including what point of sale you will use and why, as well as any other restaurant tools you will be using.

We want fair profits for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees.

Opening a restaurant business plan

Company Description. What void are you filling in the market? For example, a liquor license is expensive and can be difficult to obtain in some markets. Adding value will be an interesting business lunch menu with specialties every day. This is often referred to as a marketing strategy, and there are three key components. A place where you always know you will get the best of everything. Is your restaurant going to cater to the older retired generation at lunchtime? Most independent restaurant investors are in this for more than just money, so giving some indication of what you value and who you are outside of work may also be helpful. This is where you would explain to investors that you've hired a consultant who specializes in negotiating the purchasing of liquor licenses to handle that aspect of your business. Target Customers Who are the people that are going to eat at your restaurant?

The template will act as a guideline when writing, giving tips and tricks to make sure your plan will wow someone into investing in your restaurant. Our investor philosophy is conservative.

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How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan