Business plan presentation script opening

Next Generation Technologies As I mentioned before, we have a number of other technologies at different stages of development that will enhance recovery, reduce greenhouse gas emission intensity and improve financial performance. With ExxonMobil as a majority shareholder, we have benefited from an affiliation with the global leader in our industry.

business presentation script

Describe exactly what your product or service is, how it has a competitive advantage, and illustrate three unique selling points that will make your company stand out. One good diagram can often replace a page or two of text.

business plan presentation script opening

The consistent execution of our business model with these assets delivers superior cash flow, which is reinvested in growth projects or in times of surplus, returned to shareholders. All three are proactive measures Imperial took to reduce our environmental footprint from the project.

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Initiatives which improve reliability and reduce downtime. And for projects delivering new upstream volumes, capital efficiency is first and foremost.

Nabiye is expected to produce about 30, barrels per day, starting in The chart on the left demonstrates how the production profile of a typical industry Gulf of Mexico project compares to the decades long plateau of the Kearl project.

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