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We use passive voice to purposefully leave out the actor or subject of the sentence in an effort to sound more diplomatic. Titles of longer works usually require italics instead, and sometimes the decision is arbitrary or simply conventional: books of the Bible, for example, are almost always italicized rather than placed in quotation marks, and the same is true of the titles of Shakespeares plays.

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These are also discounted in subject-verb agreement. The least important points should be at the end because, just like a newspaper article, this may not even be read. When quoting a long passage of two or more paragraphs, the usual procedure is to use no quotation marks and instead to set off the entire passage of quoted matter by indenting it.

If you decide to use quotation marks instead, however, the usual procedure is to begin each paragraph of the long quotation with quotation marks but to use a closing quotation mark only at the end of the final sentence in the quoted passage. They are also used to enclose words or phrases quoted from others or words that may be slang or that are in some other way being used peculiarly: The speaker tried to put a favorable spin on his denial.

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Other marksquestion mark, dash, and exclamation point, for examplego inside when they belong with the quoted material, outside when they belong to the main sentence. When your ellipsis ends with the end of a phrase, clause, or sentence in the original, use four periods or three plus whatever mark ended the original. Separate actions for each person in the couple. Those flies are bothering me. It may separate date and year July 4, , city from state Chicago, Illinois , day from date Monday, April 10 , a name from a title in apposition David Hankins, Building Monitor , and the last name from the first, when they are presented in reverse order OHara, James D. A collective noun names a group of people or things, such as family, group, audience, class, number committee, team, etc. The moon, as well as Venus, is visible in the night sky. The Big Dipper, along with many other constellations, is easy to learn to find.

Separate actions for each person in the couple. Irregardless Regardless of what you think, I am going to write this memo. Put the Important Information First Unlike expository or creative writing, business writing is no-nonsense, get-to-thepoint composition, and messages should be written in a clear and economic format, in letters, memos, and emails.

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Dash The dash is a mark of punctuation similar to but physically longer than a hyphen and used for other purposes. The comma also performs a range of stylistic chores, which sometimes differ slightly from publisher to publisher and stylebook to stylebook.

A collective noun names a group of people or things, such as family, group, audience, class, number committee, team, etc. Editors and many readers would prefer you get rid of these plague phrases and redundant writing to keep your communications crisp, clean and concise.

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