Can you write a sentence without a verb

sentences without main verb

The subject — golf experiences — has moved up front and interested formerly the adjective interesting is a more, well, interesting verb than was. Often we simply plunk it down without giving it much thought.

Words without verbs

Sometimes you can just take cut-up bits and set them next to each other. Not to be: Removing be verbs from your writing How to rout out lifeless be verbs from your work. Omission of the predicate probably makes communication more efficient here: the message is shorter and can thus be read and grasped faster. This kind of food can just be arranged on the platter without the are sauce. Notice how much stronger it is simply to say These ideas mislead children — and shorter, too. Let me try that again: Revision works best in stages. We can say that Word expects it to be a title or something like that and checks just the spelling, not the grammar.

Readers can intuit this. Raw vegetables. The Orientalists' definition agrees with the Western grammar's focus of the predicate orientation, and it supports how the Arab grammarians included a sentence category of nominal sentences nonverbal sentences. Recently, she stepped away from teaching English full time at Stetson University in order to devote more time to freelance writing and editing.

This can be changed by editing the settings. Even if this setting is checked as it normally shouldWord accepts fragments in many contexts.

Can you write a sentence without a verb

They are very common in short notices, news headings, etc. For example, consider this student example: it was interesting to hear about his golf experiences works better as his golf experiences interested me. We will have such occasions for passive voice. To improve it, we might write, Unfortunately, he failed to make the goal. I dropped the phrase and changed are to need, followed by the infinitive to read. They can also be found in newspaper headlines, such as "Jones Winner" where the intended meaning is with the copular verb, "Jones is the Winner". Too often, though, we overlook targeted searches for particular weaknesses. I needed a direct impersonal order. Many of these are typically called interjections, which sure sounds like sex to me. Even if this setting is checked as it normally should , Word accepts fragments in many contexts.

Many of these verbs-turned-nouns end in -tion, -sion, -ance, or -ence. This was the view taken.

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Nominal sentence