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They both modelled and drove the new behaviours needed for the change to succeed.

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Those leading the change had to ensure that the major players in all their markets knew what was required and why. Pisano and Willy C. Similarly, it analyzed trade promotion effectiveness by gathering and compiling data on the roughly , promotions that the company had run across channels, locations, brands, and pack sizes. Stegmeier Consulting Group was brought in to analyze the current work environment and culture. Thomke explains the lessons behind a new case on the company. However, for a change programme of this scale to be successful, everyone had to adhere to the new systems and processes. Barmer GEK is reducing the number of its branches by 50 percent, while transitioning to larger and more attractive service centers throughout Germany. Here are five company examples that show successful transformations, across a range of industries and locations.

NSN had been undergoing a massive turnaround and cost-reduction program, steadily improving its results. Closed for comment; 0 Comment s posted. During that year, Nokia had to make a radical choice: continue massively investing in its mobile-device business its largest or reinvent itself.

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In addition, VF strengthened its management bench through a dedicated talent-management program and selective high-profile hires. For example, senior leaders communicated the goals of the transformation to employees through town hall meetings.

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Inhowever, Qtel began to shift its strategy away from growth through acquisition towards growth through integration.

Prior to this effort, a benchmarking analysis found that the bank was lagging behind its peers in several aspects.

A Major Transformation of the Portfolio.

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In buying these traditional UK financial institutions and unifying them under the Santander brand, Santander aimed to break down their engrained processes and turn them into a formidable retail bank. Fear spread, and a generation of businesses was set up to address this impending crisis, known as Y2K Year Each process was then optimized from end to end using lean tools. Closed for comment; 12 Comment s posted. Once the separation had been effected, the focus was on creating a new brand and rapidly building the business into a viable standalone operation. In addition, VF strengthened its management bench through a dedicated talent-management program and selective high-profile hires. What does that look like in the real world? Overall, this shifted the balance of its portfolio from 70 percent low-growth heritage brands to 65 percent higher-growth lifestyle brands. Managers can learn a lot from these classic change management case studies. VF offers a compelling example of a company using a sharp focus on value creation to chart its transformation course.

Among the desired changes included more employee access to natural light, and a reduction of space in areas containing oversized and underutilized offices. To fund the journey, the company looked at several cost-reduction initiatives, including logistics. Employees from different functions took an active role in the process improvements, participating in employee workshops in which they analyzed processes from the perspective of the customer.

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Organisations had to be agile enough to act at short notice. That can cause the initiatives to fail. They both modelled and drove the new behaviours needed for the change to succeed. In-branch teams, for example, were prepared for a variety of customer responses through the transition phase. Counter-intuitively, this can be particularly noticeable when national or linguistic similarities give a false illusion of commonality. VF has created an ownership mind-set in its management ranks. Relentless Cost Management. Right after these radical announcements, Nokia embarked on a strategy-led design period to win in the medium term with new people and a new organization, with Risto Siilasmaa as chairman and interim CEO. Facing this fundamental challenge, Barmer GEK decided to launch a major transformation effort. As CoreNet sought to take their workplace to the next level, they partnered with Stegmeier Consulting Group to ensure their workforce would be ready for the changes. A Major Transformation of the Portfolio. These, if introduced, would impact more than 80 Shell operating units. This change capability will be essential as the bank continues on its transformation journey.
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