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Certainly its plot details — a photographer who has no hands, a narrator who ends up on the roof throwing rocks at nameless targets for no apparent reason — are the stuff of surrealism.

When she no longer speaks, the source of tension between the two men is relieved and they are able to begin bonding.

He does notice that Robert's eyes are creepy up close in various ways.

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What differentiates Robert from the rest of the group is the fact that he is blind. Old Tiny flat on the floor, kicking his heels. Before they start, the narrator offers to lead prayer, which confuses his wife, until he says, "pray the phone won't ring and the food doesn't get cold.

The narrator says he's "glad for the company," and realizes right away that he is. In conclusion I found this piece of literature very interesting and mimics real life and the things that we face today.

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Critical Analysis Of Raymond Carver 's ' The Cathedral '