Dimensional analysis

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Can you do that? Here's how this problem might look if it were written on a chalkboard: Remember that you don't need to worry about the actual numbers until the very end.

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In order to take one dose 4 times a day you need to know how many drops to take per dose. If you have no idea what the answer is or how to come up with an answer, that's fine—you're not supposed to know.

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Scientists generally work in metric units. Here's your first problem: 1. You also know that in 1 minute there are 60 seconds.

Example 10 Okay, enough easy problems, let's try something harder.

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Keep picking from what you know factors that cancel out units you don't want until you end up with only the units answer units you do want. Since 5 is greater than or equal to 5, we must round the preceding 7 up to 8. A Macroscopic Example: Party Planning If you have every planned a party, you have used dimensional analysis. Setup the problem using only what you need to know. As you probably have already guessed, you need to use a couple of ratios to help you in this problem. This is because 0. Now you should be able to solve the problem. You volunteer your car if everyone chips in for gas. The problem is you have "minutes" on the bottom but you want "days. One of these ways may be needed to solve the problem and the other won't, but in the beginning you don't know which, so just write them both ways. You can also string many unit factors together. However, this second method involves an additional step.
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Dimensional Analysis