Eastern european bloc

The communist government saw it wise to not completely withdraw from the neighboring countries it had conquered during the war.

formation of the eastern bloc

The Soviets also had several puppet regimes established in Africa during this time as well, although these African puppet states would only last barely over a decade each before succumbing to internal troubles.

Both countries' economies took a turn for the worse after the collapse of the USSR, resulting in their main trading partner suddenly vanishing over night and the subsequent result of a significant amount of trade that kept the Cuban and North Korean economies afloat.

Yugoslavia and Albania had their own Communist regimes. The national Communists then took power in a normal gradualist manner, backed by the Soviets in many, but not all, cases. In Hungary, the parliamentary elections held on 2 April resulted in the formation of the Democratic Forum government.

Albania formally left the Warsaw pact in September after the suppression of the Prague spring. A map showing Eastern Bloc countries. Although the Czech government has in recent years invested substantially in science, the research bases of countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are still underdeveloped.

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Eastern Europe