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Studies of Rose, Burks have supported the above study. Only in the U. Effects of alcoholism essay: Health problems, like heart and liver diseases, brain damage, low immunity, cancer, etc.

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This behavior has many consequences for not only the student, but also the public. According to the psychological theories alcohol takes the person away from the burdens, responsibilities, heart aches, sorrows and distresses, worries and anxieties of modern life. As far as historians can tell, the abuse of Alcohol had been around just as long. The average life span of an alcoholic is 12 years less than of a normal person. Alcoholism requires flexibility and individualisation of treatment procedures. This addiction is not a joke, or a reason to shame others. This is particularly attributed to the diverse negative effects of alcohol on poor judgment of individuals. This region of the brain is vulnerable to chronic alcohol-induced oxidative DNA damage. You briefly plan your essay and organize your thoughts.

Additionally, people may complain of irritability and insomnia. Also, here are several facts for you to start off somewhere. There are various methods alcohol abusers to quit using alcohol.

Essay 2. Their high tempo jobs in the military along with intense training and deployments into combat areas are a few of the reasons why they have a greater risk of alcoholism.

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In comparison to other countries of the world, alcoholism is said to be a major problem in the United States and Soviet Union. Slurred speech, confusion, trouble remembering things. An estimate of over 76 million people suffer from alcohol dependence and abuse. Aversion Therapy: The patient is given to drink at regular intervals mixed with emetic drugs; which have extremely uncomfortable effects. Add arguments gradually. The experience of trauma. Although the permissive attitude of the contemporary society promotes the usage of alcohol in a diverse variety of ways, addiction or abuse of alcohol is linked to numerous harmful consequences for the individual drinker as well as the society as a whole. How does alcoholism affect their children or loved ones? The song is about Lovato growing up with an abusive and alcoholic father. Alcoholism is linked with many social evils including automobile and train accidents, murder, rape, physical assault, molestation, industrial accidents and also homicide and suicide.

Another important damaging effect of alcoholism to the society is related to its link with higher rates of violent crime and conflicts in neighborhoods. Therefore, the increased activity of the enzyme may be influencing male adolescent alcohol-usage behaviors during pubertal development.

Military are not excluded in heavy alcohol use.

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Alcoholism As A Social Problem: A Revised Essay Example