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The obscurity of what student athletes should get paid is the major problem.

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Because colleges and universities earn such a profit from sporting events, many fans feel it is only fair to distribute some of the wealth to the players. After the races were over high jump long jump and pole jump were organized. In the case of the triad, the word active refers to females who display moderate to high intensity levels of performance. After the races came the jumps- the long jumps, the high jumps and the pole jumps. Then our principal gave a small speech to thank the chief guest for attending our sports day. First of all the meter race war organized. There is a Secretary duly elected by students to manage the show. The athletic activities improve their health and strength and help them work afresh. These results of the study were based upon four different questions that were used to keep the study with in the appropriate context. They are athletics, dramas, debates, and so on. The participants lined up before the start of every event and they were cheered by the spectators. Most Division I athletes are given a full scholarship for the sport that they are playing, but that doesn 't give them money for living expenses such as groceries, food off campus, clothing, or even a night out on the weekends. My goal is to.

Finally, on the annual sports day, students came smartly dressed in white with white sports shoes. There are various games that are played and several events take place.

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To be a Division 1 student-athlete you must have great time management skills, determination, and be focused. In an effort to draw a clear line between college and professional sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has prohibited the payment of athletes for their sports related skills by emphasizing that college sport is one of the many branches of the educational program.

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The hurdle race was also enjoyable. Then they will be able to carve out a good career in their life. There were three heats.

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With loud clapping and shouting of cheers, they Not their rewards from the Chief Guest. A photographer was also present. These three men were senior physical training teachers of other schools. None of that revenue goes directly to the student athlete even though the NCAA surely has enough money to do so if it chooses. The winners were listed and made to stand on the victory stand and cheered by one and all. Should College Athletes Be Paid? Recently student athlete have organized and decided to fight for the rights to establish players unions similar to the pro league. The help them work together for their school. Our sports' teacher conducted all the events with the help of few other teachers. I specifically chose this topic because it pertains to me, and I can relate to both sides of the argument. Female athletes, like most women in our society, are also often pressured to conform to certain ideal body sizes and shapes, as dictated by the entertainment and fashion industries.

Being scared of being overweight but rather caused by an addiction to food can result in the development of an eating disorder. This was the moment of pleasure for winners.

Essay on athletic meet

There were many events like races, jumps, throws, hop-skip-jump, basketball, tennis, musical chairs, etc. Further, the shift back to the fundamental values of the NCAA is evident in its effort to award scholarship money to both talented and needy college athletes.

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The 10th January was our sports day this year. He was cheered by the students, staff and parents alike. He took the salute. Practices went on in full swing. The teacher for Physical education is there to guide the association in all athletic activities. Then came the turn of discus throw javelin throw. In our school we have a very big playground where the students play games regularly. First of all the meter race war organized. They must pick two of the three: social life, academics, or athletics. In two cases, the students improved upon their own previous records. Bal Krishna, the best athlete of the school, led the march-past. Many cyclists took part in it. He went into the arena.

Not everyone can win but it is good to see the deserving winners.

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