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Then came Mwai Kibaki inwho was accused of ruling the nation with a small group of elite Kikuyu peers, commonly referred to as the Mount Kenya Mafia or the Kitchen Cabinet.

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Well, tribal tensions date back to the times of independence. So, what are the solutions to tribalism in Kenya? Chuka University was closed indefinitely for a riot caused by it. The police: A vertically-organised criminal syndicate It serves state capture if politicians are wilfully blind to police corruption.

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They had also been allowed to use privately registered cars that had no work tickets. Rutto is expected to divide the Kalenjin vote. That decision created more problems than it solved. Certain communities believe their counterparts are evil and have committed injustices which are not worth forgiving.

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Kenya has been governed by four presidents from two ethnic communities since independence: the Kikuyu and the Kalenjin. The judiciary: Partly reformed and easy to sway for state capture purposes As the ill-fated indictment and prosecution of Kamlesh Pattni in the s Goldenberg scandal showed, the judiciary was a central pillar of the repressive and corrupt dispensation replaced by the Constitution.

In theory, this should have made the ECK more independent, but there were two problems. Tribalism is supposed to act as a form of identity for people in a particular social group; however, when it comes to Tribalism in Kenya, it is mostly associated with negative ethnicity and corrupting influences.

This has led to a system under which leaders channel government resources to their ethnic supporters to ensure their political survival.

Causes of tribalism pdf

All the decisions of the Vetting Board that found judges and magistrates unsuitable on account of acts committed before they were appointed, or for acts committed after 27 August , were effectively nullified. Does it mean that Europeans are brainier than Africans? Also, the battles also affected investment in the nation as both local and international investors were scared to invest in some regions where the violence was widespread. The internal audit concluded that a sum of Sh The Kenyan economy also suffers a great deal as many people hold up on projects as they await the election outcome first. Similarly, Anglo-leasing, Afya House and, National Youth Service corruption scams have also taken the same pattern in retaining a tribal DNA in their arrangement, execution, and definition of the beneficiaries of the scandalous affair. As such, this sets off clashes amongst the tribes as they distrusted one another. This strategy had 41 ethnic communities face off against the Kikuyu, who were seen as unwilling to share political spoils. Njuguna is of the Kikuyu community while Tsuma is a Luo — two of the largest ethnic groups in Kenya that have been at odds for decades , and openly conflict during election season. The politics of ethnicity therefore becomes an inter-community competition, not merely for representation in governance, but for resources. As a result, parties have drawn their political legitimacy and capital from their respective ethnic bases since independence. Apparently, this is not something that can be implemented in a short time as it must be done gradually but will help to eradicate tribalism in the long run. So, in the end, a hapless public finds itself caught between an abusive police service and a predatory government of which it is an accomplice.
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Effects of Tribalism in Kenya