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However, no single system can provide all the information an organization needs. The key indicators in this cockpit are monitored constantly. The need for them to be informed as far as the use of the system is concerned might just be a difficult problem that can cause regressive ness in the success of the system Pomerol and Adam The United States government has taken advantage of the advantages of an executive information system. New tools include hardware and computer software, artificial intelligence systems, data mining, OLAP, and internet analysis gadgets. Besides, the DSS system filters the data for easier management and hence shortens the duration between data collection and decision-making. The fact that evaluation of the benefits that the systems bring forth is difficult, assessment of success is also difficult. There is however some new technologies coming out that are allowing for web based executive information system software to provide some of the same features to smaller companies and the large corporations are using. According to the research, the perceptions of competitive performance resulting from ESS use are strongly related to mental-model building but there is no connection competition and mental-model maintenance. This is still at a cost that may be more than a small family company is willing to spend. This is one of the most important benefits of using an executive information system.

Some of the larger corporations will create their own version on this type of set up to accommodate the specific requests of their executives to provide the most relevant information to their managers.

This includes the ability to plot graphs based on the available data instantly for use during a boardroom session or senior executives meeting Yang and Gregor Jose, L Results from an evolutionary lesson, periodical of Systems and Software, v.

However, it should be noted that the process of integration demands use of money and is perceived as an expense from business point of view. Training is vital in an organisation to keep all levels of staff up to date with goals and performance of the business.

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They are likely to be providing a lot of the inputs and outputs of the business and so management and other levels should all be knowledgeable of the organisations goals and the information needed to monitor these. The information systems discussed are only a few of many types, and no matter what type of information system is used the function will usually be the same — to facilitate the running of the organisation by acquiring and communicating useful information.

Also communication and training are key factors in the success of the implementation of the executive information system.

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