Factors influence consumer demand for internaional hospitality product

In addition, the aftermath of the weather disaster may force hotels and other businesses in an area to close or offer limited services during the recovery period. Stable geopolitical environment attracts tourists and leads to higher employment and income and vice versa.

In this way, the travel and tourism industry is a very important part of the world economy. This has been proven by the fact that most of the hotel are nowadays following Cyber Marketing for their promotions. They are more adventure loving and spend more on travel and tourism than the previous generations.

It resulted in higher surveillance throughout US and such an environment makes tourists feel insecure. Climate, Weather and Environmental Factors While some people choose to stay in a hotel because they are visiting family or conducting business in the area, many consumers stay in hotels because they are vacationing in the area.

From Greece to NewZealand, every culture has its own unique appeal and strength. These variables can also affect the financial success of hospitality brands. Personal Factors It mainly includes the age and stage in the life cycle, occupational and economic conditions, personality and self development and lifestyle and values.

If an attraction, such as an amusement park, museum or beach closes down or is the subject of negative publicity, the demand for lodging in the area may diminish, at least temporarily. Travel approvals may also involve cost-cutting, such as requiring employees to take cheaper flights or to stay at less expensive hotels.

main factors affecting tourism demand analysis
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Factors effecting growth of hospitality