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The racial gap is bigger than the gender gap for Asian women. I felt like I had missed out — again. Conforming can be easier and safer, but it also makes it harder to be perceived as a leader.

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We have found that in many companies throughout the country, Asian-related programs are geared toward cultural inclusion, not management diversity. First, because such businesses were typically small-scale before World War II, and the documentary record in terms of detailed accounts about such enterprises in the published literature ranges from non-existent to slim.

According to Alcoff, the Black-white paradigm has long prevented many ethnic groups from defining their own identity. Studies show that Asian Americans, particularly women, are significantly underrepresented in top leadership roles within U. And this is not just a problem in private industry: While Asian Americans were 9.

A conservative advocacy group, Students for Fair Admissions say that Harvard artificially suppress the number of Asian American students by holding them to higher academic standards than whites, and rating them poorly on personal characteristics.

After checking out his music, I started exploring the rich world of Asian American artists, where I found some solid artists like Jennifer Chung. Read more Chapter 9: Essay 8: The Architectural Legacy of Japanese America Efforts to capture the contributions made by people of Japanese ancestry to the built environment and cultural landscape of America are complicated by the limits of existing scholarship on the subject.

But it felt just like a label. I realized that by hiding, I was failing. Fortunately, some companies have found ways to close the gap.

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*Finding Your Asian American Roots