Group projects suck

how to deal with slackers in group projects

It ends up being a real mess. Some professors even forbid meeting in person to discuss the project and all communication must be done in a group chat setting where said professor can monitor the dialogue.

group project ruined my grade

Nothing pisses me off more than people who talk a real great game, but who actually have no game whatsoever. Then there are those who just never come to meetings prepared and constantly miss deadlines, which makes you have to pick up the slack for even more people to get the assignment done.

Problems with group projects in college

Communication First, we live in a world full of communication devices. Group projects are rarely a pleasant experience, but after every project, you always come out a stronger person. Not enough time is spent learning about it, but rather planning how to meet up and work on it, and some individuals feel as though their learning has been hindered because of group projects. High energy usually means high productivity. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. But when you find yourself getting a poor peer evaluation, you just question if people were even working on the same project as you. The three who contributed, including myself, at least made an effort and demonstrably contributed before the last week, such that I have no complaints about their work. But I've never had a situation in a group, after 7 years of post-secondary schooling, where one member of a group contributed so little that I felt I needed to bitch to a professor about how little he contributed. In the end, these students feel angst towards the end of the project because they do not feel good about the final product the group is submitting. Unnecessary Stress With all of the issues from day to day activities that stress each college student out, group projects seem to magnify stress tenfold. Go ahead. What kills me most of all, is that the sporadic times through the semester that he actually came to a scheduled meeting, he talked like he knew better than the rest of us and acted like his knowledge was more in depth, and more experienced than the rest of us. The quickest way to do that?

Peer evaluations Peer evaluations are where you can unleash all your savage thoughts towards your group members so the TA really knows who did the work. And yes, before I write my prof, I will write him and tell him exactly what I will say to the prof.

group projects should be banned

I know none of you care, but I needed to bitch about this and organize my thoughts, before I actually write the professor, and notify this guy about my thoughts on the matter. A week before the report was due, he still hadn't done any of the work he agreed to do.

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Group Projects almost always Suck.