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Two people were kidnapped, tortured and murdered while thousands more received threats. In a thrill-seeking hate crime, no precipitating incident need occur.

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Generally speaking, hate is often associated with discrimination and hate crimes. Conversely, many offenses involving hatred between the offender and the victim are not hate crimes in the sense intended here. Matthew Shepard is probably the most memorable victim of a hate crime against a sexual minority. Slavery was legalized by the US government and continued for a few hundred years, taking a civil war and sixteen presidents before it was forbidden. Conklin categorizes violent crime as murder, forcible rape, robbery, and assault. It is difficult to understand how a prejudice or bias towards someone can be linked to criminal behavior. Opinions of different ethnic groups were also sampled. Hate crime and hate speech thrive within our country, and can go unnoticed due to insufficient coverage from the media and lack of public interest Hate Crimes are most certainly still a problem in today's society, but it is not dealt with the same violent manner as previously performed in the past. Matthew's death became a national symbol of violence against homosexuals, prompting prayer vigils and calls for state and federally supported hate crime laws According to s. As this segregation increases, many people wonder, will it ever stop. Indeed, they often cast the outsiders in the role of those actively menacing them, while they regard themselves as pillars of the community. Through the years, the people living in America have seen the different measures variety of racist groups do to make certain people stay at the bottom of the hierarchy in American society.

Those who are involved believe that a particular group or an individual is inferior or are not right in what they do and believe in. Apart from their psychological impacts, violent hate crimes can produce even more violence in the sense that the attacked group might feel obligated to retaliate- making the problem even bigger.

Salvador Psychology 25 Professor Fitzpatrick 02 December, Abstract This paper will explore the long-term effects a hate crime has on the victim and his or her community. Hate can slowly cause the natural process of love peace, and affections of others to oxidation. The research topic is important for the study as it will help us explore the nature of hate violence among victims in the US, especially the minority groups who include African Americans in the country as well as the Hispanic community Stemler, Hate crimes against gay and a lesbian is probably the fastest growing form of hate crime.

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One of these types of crimes is hate crimes based on religion. Young people may be especially at risk because they are out and about a lot and may also be involved in gangs.

Although the government passed laws to make everyone equal, some people still discriminate against these groups. In recent years, a common location for thrill-motivated hate crimes has been gay bars, a venue to which hatemongers can travel to locate vulnerable victims. Though these numbers may not seem very severe the problem is there.

While this is true, this kind of prevalence has not been at the forefront of the political, personal, social, etc.

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