How to write a change of business name letter head

company name change announcement letter

You should also notify all customers, creditors and other parties that are important to the business. The replacement of marketing materials, stationary and other items marked with the old business name can be costly.

company name change letter to employees

Include in the notice the change in company name, any ownership changes that apply and the applicable dates of the change. A printed letter provides a much more personal and professional impression, as well.

name change notification letter

Write a letter to customers, creditors and other important parties to inform them of the name change. State the date that the change will go into effect, how checks to your company should now be written and any other pertinent details including a new address or change in ownership.

Letter to inform suppliers of change of company

If you do decide that a change of name will benefit your company, make certain that you notify all interested parties and include relevant information in your notice. In fact, why not pay us a visit? In fact, a concise letter with just the necessary information will be better received and recalled by your recipients. A sole proprietorship should send the letter to its tax return filing address. There are some drawbacks to using this method, though, that make sending a printed letter a more suitable approach. This is particularly true if it is addressed to the specific recipient as opposed to Current Resident. If you typically communicate with vendors and other businesses this way, an email supplementing your letter acts as a reminder for them to update your company information in their database or other electronic records, as well.

References 2. Your changing company names will affect everyone from shareholders to customers and clients to vendors who supply your business needs.

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