How to write a daily diary in industrial training school

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To gain an insight and understanding of the organizations within, and operation of the engineering industry, 2. A simple recounting of the most important events should do. Concreting of the floor was done in some other ready areas. If not, the visiting officials will discuss the matter with the training supervisor with a view to improve the situation. Do not put any page number on this page. Taking into account that you are not the one who is supposed to fill it, you should not worry too much about it. Undergraduates should discuss their job responsibilities and training plans, with the persons in charge of training as soon as practicable. This presentation carries 20 marks. Provided, such training was adequately supervised by a corporate member and the applicant was adequately and actively engaged in the work. Each week has two pages. During the assessment students are evaluated to determine whether the students have acquired the expected skills, knowledge and attitudes and the depth of such acquisition.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about filling out the training log book. I also made a static website using Html ,Css and JavaScript and this website is for a manufacturing company and it takes a lot of time for me in order to complete it as it consist of many pages.

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Do not number Figures and Tables according to section and subsection. Figures and Tables should be numbered according to the chapter.

Concreting of floor started.

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Daily diary 9th Feb As per the plans, Bhoomi Poojan of the site was to be done on 15th Feb and all the designs were to be completed at least one week before so that proper scheduling of all the activities can be done.

It would also help them to relate the theoretical concepts learnt at the University to the industrial applications in the field.

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The first employer, second employer and the apprentice with two witnesses will signed on 3 copies of the forms. Every heading and subheading within the text should be listed in the Table of Contents.

Daily diary of industrial training civil engineering

Name of apprentice :- ………………………………. Laying of RCC column footings begun for 20 more. The 5 marks are given for the level of training and the remaining 5 marks are for attendance and comments made by the officers of the training establishment during training. Here you can also see the different uses of the pages for notes and diagrams. If such cases are reported all students concerned would have to resubmit such reports. A grade H indicating High Achievement or a grade M indicating Mediocre achievement or a grade S indicating Satisfactory Achievement is awarded on successful completion of the training assessment. Do not put any page number on this page. There is no point in showing you every page, as they are just a repetition of the previous ones. Do not put any logo of training organization. We strongly recommend you to check with your supervisors whether our method of filling out the logbook will work or not. Daily diary 2nd Mar PCC for 12 more columns was laid. Benefits of Industrial Training Undergraduates should also be aware that suitable experience gained during industrial training maximum of six months may count towards three years practical training requirement necessary to obtain the full corporate membership of the IESL. But wait! Ltd got together with Interarch team and decided to plan various activities of the project. Name of Apprentice Reg.
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