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An important differentiator in a crowded marketplace.

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Learn from their successes… … and failures. In reality, pixels play a role, since some letters take up more room than others. Take the time to analyse how the big boys do it. Check this example out: If I knew nothing about MTV, I can instantly know everything about this website from this description alone. So, be careful - don't immediately start rushing to put more copy in your meta tags, which is what some so-called experts are suggesting. An ideal meta description should read as a brief, engaging sentence. Since search engines may only display characters including spaces , work to get your message across within that constraint. When the keyword searched matches a word in the Meta description, it will appear bold in the search engine results. Although Google has said in the past that Meta description tags as well as Meta Keywords are not important to search engine rankings, since Google will sometimes use the meta description of a page in search results snippets, they are extremely instrumental in generating user click-throughs from SERPs. We talk a lot about keywords and content optimization, those things that will get your posts ranked higher in search engine results. When I consider this concept, it leads me to believe that Meta Descriptions are a factor that leads to good rankings — even if it is indirect. In some ways, metadata is basic SEO, yet it's one thing that most website owners ignore. All in all, it seems like this is an initial test to me. Hence, making the title tag catchy and appealing is extremely important. Once again, you also have to include the primary keyword near the beginning if it is possible for you.

This article has everything you need. But it's got to be natural. Point is, someone is reading your meta description for a particular reason.

If possible, work on a description that gives an overview of your business.

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Tip 3: Use power words in a search snippet. On Meta Descriptions that exceed characters, it is especially important to ensure that your core message is included before the point of truncation. Senior Manager at Search Discovery.

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Google suggests providing clearly tagged facts, which could be a good source of information. It wants to see if a longer meta description aids the search process. This article has everything you need. Writing your own meta description can also make a difference because of the way those descriptions are presented in search results. Being pounced on when looking around a garage for a car is a huge pain point for most people. The knife edge between beautiful branding and an online suicide note! When the keyword searched matches a word in the Meta description, it will appear bold in the search engine results. Do NOT use keywords in the name field. Some people ask me whether there are any meta description tools or generators and the quick answer is: no.

At this stage, it's important to assess how Google uses meta descriptions. And that's certainly true with search marketing.

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Tip 7: Flag up any special offers. Fortunately, we have some tips you can use to write awesome meta descriptions that will boost traffic and conversions. When it comes to writing the words, you should do it. Indeed in this world of split testing and persona development one thing is still for sure: everyone uses search.

If a web page was to rank in the top position for a keyword and no one ever clicked on it, why would Google want to showcase it in a set of search results?

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