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It gets the job done positively and is suited to organisations which require you to inform both your line manager and Human Resources departments at the same time. Offer to be part of the plan in making sure the department runs as smoothly as possible after you leave. You need to have thought through what you would do in this instance before handing in your notice. After all, this person will have big shoes to fill. Once you have written confirmation, complete an Employee Leaver Form and send it to Human Resources with a copy of the resignation letter. The letter also provides a way to thank your boss and maintain positive relations with your old company. Your experience can be valuable in training your replacement.

Addressing a letter The addressee will usually be your line manager — you should use their first name. You want to show your employer that they made a sound investment in employing a professional candidate.

Stress that you will be thoroughly professional during your notice period and cooperate with any handover. When should I resign? A reason for your departure The body of your resignation letter should mention your reason for leaving.

You can write the letter as business correspondence or an email, but either way, it should be grammatically correct, free of abbreviations and typos, and checked for perfection.

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Last edited Jan 02, You should start your closing two lines below your final body paragraph. Retirement Letter Template. Whether you can't wait to escape the clutches of your current employer, or will genuinely be sad to leave, writing a resignation letter is a key career tool. However, my family and I have decided that relocation is not feasible for us right now. If you achieve this, it will be firmly in the memories of your line manager and the company as a whole. Goodwill End your letter with an expression of best wishes for the success of the company. But how do you write a resignation letter?

Resignation date State the date that you believe will be your official leaving date which can be calculated by looking at the notice period stated in your contract.

Thanking your boss If you are leaving in good circumstances then it is a good idea to thank your boss for the opportunities that they presented to you or for the experience gained whilst working for the company.

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Lots of thanks Your resignation letter should demonstrate gratitude for the experience the job has given you. Be polite but firm as to your desire to move on and resist saying anything negative about your current role.

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Provide contact information. Your knowledge on the basic format of your letter will always create an impression on how you write one.

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Don't engage in a conversation around a counter offer if you've no intentions of staying. What do I do if an employee I manage resigns? Some bosses may take the news well and wish you success whilst others may be shocked and disappointed - be prepared for both reactions. The date is important as it shows when the letter was originally written. Understand the company policies on resignation and check in your current contract that you have no different clauses entered. Retirement Letter Template. Will it just be a quick fix? You have secured a new job.

Before resigning, wait until you have received your new job offer in writing or by email. If you achieve this, it will be firmly in the memories of your line manager and the company as a whole.

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How to write a resignation letter