Individual characteristic theory

First, online auction marketplaces can design decision aids and additional functionality to buyers to facilitate better decisions in searching for and selecting auctions in which to bid. They tend to be carefree, optimistic and impulsive.

If, however, they believe that most people do not have integrity, do not act with competence, or are generally without benevolence, they would find it difficult to trust.

Participants were provided with just one scenario involving spending money that was not theirs in an environment they may not have experienced first-hand an internship.

Participants had no control over whether or not they used the online auction environment, and it is possible that they selected possible auctions in which to participate without consideration of his or her ability to actually perform the transaction.

Self-regulatory focus, in part, explains how an individual regulates their search. Reliability was calculated using PLS composite reliability scores.

individual characteristics synonym

Higgins, Beyond pleasure and pain, American Psychologist, vol. It consists of all the inherited i.

Job characteristics model examples

Psychological Factors. However, buyers may not always conduct this search in the same manner, leading some buyers to consider too many auctions, inhibiting their ability to choose the best option, or considering too few auctions, thereby missing potential bargains. Rauniar, G. According to social contract theory, self-efficacy is both predicated by prior experience as well as predictive of future success [7]. The influence can be either in the immediate organization or in the external environment. It is internally focused. Adorno et al. Standing, and P. The percentage of variance explained was low although it is acceptable for behavioral research [24] but suggests that there are a number of other factors involved in the creation of a consideration set. It might also offer ways to improve auction decision aids. Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology,
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Theories of Personality