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Three particular extensions of this general rule will, however, be permitted : - i Infantry Battalions which on occasions had to fight on a company basis independently, claims may be submitted where 50 percent of such sub units were engaged in an operation.

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Battle Honours are official commemoration of battles, actions or engagements and are awarded to Regiments whose units or sub-units have taken active and creditable part in these operations.

The Armed Forces all over the World have to function as a team and remain motivated. The Soldier can face all odds and has no demands.

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Soldier is motivated when he is aware that he is part of the team, has reliable friends, around him, who can be trusted, and who will lay down their lives to protect him. Memberships to various clubs, gyms and golf courses are absolutely so cheap that they are as good as free. In an article by Sergio Catignani on Motivating Soldiers, he states that as early as BCE, Xenophon had stated that not numbers or strength bring victory in war but whichever Army goes into battle stronger in soul, their enemies generally cannot withstand them. The Motivation is the internal drives to accomplish a goal which makes people work. Incidentally, anger and sense of revenge towards the enemy add to motivation. Blog In Search of Propriety This blog aims at bringing clarity on a wide range of subjects pertaining to national security, defence forces, governance and politics so that the public at large are kept informed and can make their own considered decisions besides being able to pressure the government in the interest of the nation and good governance. Sam Manekshaw stretegised the operation and delivered on a platter a resounding victory to the nation with over prisoners of war, a victory which no other country in the world has witnessed. These are the prime motivating factors for a soldier; other factors are important but secondary. This is especially so because his capacities to earn for the family diminishes at a much younger age while his commitments are at its peak. There was exception to this rule, during our struggle for independence. It cannot be achieved by throwing a few more crumbs at the soldiers. The organisation is based on Care and Share. Units qualifying for the Battle Honour in a theatre will automatically qualify for Theatre Honour,. Basically, the main motivational factors are, the Name, loyalty to the Unit and Flag of the unit Naam,Namak, Nishan and indirectly of the community. At the outset we will examine the Communist countries.

It is common to see all senior leaders performing in various positions in the civil industries. They inspire the soldiers. How do we motivate our soldiers?

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The brave men and women at the Indian army stay away from their families, miss every significant thing in their lives and sacrifice their lives just so that you can be with your loved ones and sleep peacefully at night.

It was the Amogha Astra unfailing weapon used by Indra to kill vitra, the demon of drought, to release lifegiving waters for the benefit of mankind. Youngsters can fulfill all their professional expectations by choosing a career of challenges, excitement, adventure as an officer in defence.

Soldier is motivated when he is aware that he is part of the team, has reliable friends, around him, who can be trusted, and who will lay down their lives to protect him.

So have I.

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Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officers are extremely good leaders who are prepared to sacrifice their life for the nation. Related Stories. The shortage of officers in the Indian army has been there for over three decades. Saving lives and making them better and secure offers a great satisfaction. What motivates the soldier, to undergo rigorous hardship, stay away from his dear once, and lay down his life during the battle? Sense of duty towards the profession does help in motivating the soldiers. Would this not be a matter of serious concern to the soldiering community? Postretirement Benefits: On retirement, apart from the handsome amount provident fund and other savings army-man gets a pension throughout the life Indian army is among the few organizations to get the benefit of pension in our country. It was a two front war. The current article discusses the factors which motivate youngsters to join Indian army which is given below: 1.

It would be interesting to examine the military motivation of the authoritarian States.

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How to Motivate the Indian Army