My baby brother

He is the one person who defies your theory that you are never wrong He always has your best interests in mind, so if he disapproves of a guy, or questions a choice you are making, he is most likely right, just listen to him.

my little brother is growing up quotes

So much so that people would frequently ask me if you were my son! Thank you for coming into and changing my life. Don't wish it away, enjoy these times because there hits a point where he will want to do their own thing for a while.

my baby brother is all grown up quotes

When you go to dinner and get the "You are such a cute couple" comment, you can't help but laugh. This probably really annoyed you at some point too and I know I found the words "stop copying me" coming out of my mouth a lot.

But you also realize that you will get through it, and he is still your sweet brother somewhere deep, deep down.

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However, you also know and trust that he is smart and makes good choices, and if he ever doesn't, you will always be here to save the day, duh! As you have gotten older, you have become my other best friend.

My baby brother is all grown up

I am so grateful that God chose me to be your big sister. And even when we would hang out with our friends without each other, I was always inquiring how things were going. This is not a valid email, please try again. Mom frequently reminds me that you are my mini, with your stubborn streak and hatred of waking up early. I was a big sister for the second time, much older with experience under my belt. When you go to dinner and get the "You are such a cute couple" comment, you can't help but laugh. From such a young age, you taught me how to be patient, how to care for someone other than myself, and to always be a good role model. Teenage boy sass is a real thing So many times, girls get a bad rep for the teenage phase, but let me tell you, teenage boys have just as much sass if not more than the average hormonal girl. He has your back The once quiet and shy boy you outspoke as a child is not afraid to stand up for you. Here are 15 of them: 1. Not to mention, the minute you were born my entire life changed. There is no one else I would have rather had by my side.
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