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For your debate to be a strong one you should always double check to see if there are enough data and information to help back up your viewpoint. Use a mix of evidence, from statistics to other studies and anecdotal stories.

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Refute objections: Include some kind of an opening phrase at the beginning of the thesis to stress that you are refuting other existing opinions on the issues. Will you believe that fast food you come with a warning just like any other product you purchased?

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Fewer people would go hungry, more people would get the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients they need to live healthy lifestyles, and the planet would be relieved of the burden of an unsustainable food system. Example: While some people think there is no way to divorce-proof your marriage, studies have shown that there are fewer divorces when people carefully prepare for that commitment. Prepare a clear, concise argumentative essay thesis sentence to answer the main questions. This can be done by using an introductory phrase at the beginning of the thesis statement to indicate that you are refuting opposing views. It is necessary to be a field expert. This is not a healthy way of living and can end up causing you permanent damage to your body because of the chemicals you were introduced into your body every time you eat at fast food meal. Decide on the other possible positions the target audience may develop while reading more about the issue presented in the argumentative essay Conclusion. Compare and contrast. You can do this by restating some of the key ideas presented in your paper or by restating the ideas presented in your thesis.

An argument needs to be based on facts or else the argument loses its convincing elements. For example, if the author were to take a pro stance for the topic of government subsidized daycares, the questions asked might look like this: Does unaffordable daycare cause serious problems for the average family?

This is an example of a really strong thesis statement in which you state a claim, your stance on the claim, and the main points that will back up your stance. Every person has the right to understand how that food will affect their body. Conclusion The conclusion in many ways mirrors the introduction.

This can be done by: Reviewing the introductory argument and revising it so that it substantiates what will occur should the reader adopt your viewpoint.

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Amazon is the best place to go shopping if you need to find a good price-quality ratio. Keep away from unreliable sources such as Wikipedia, Hubpages, or Reddit where any users can edit the posts. Tactfully explain both viewpoints of the argument. Include the background of the argumentative essay topic in the first sentences of the introductory part. Every person should have a right to use a gun in case of the self-protection. In the insect example, you might write something like this: Simply by incorporating insects into their diets, US citizens can improve the sustainability and nutrition of the American diet. Your answer to this question is your thesis. Explain the controversy or problem clearly.

Have a look at the argumentative essay introduction example: Example: The government has an obligation to ensure that all families have access to affordable and reliable childcare. Present hypotheticals.

Argument essays seek to state a position on an issue and give several reasons, supported by evidence, for agreeing with that position. Many students are tempted to switch back and forth between viewpoints and use facts to backup their claims.

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