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If a company has achieved market saturation with its existing customer base, it may want to expand globally to reach a new group of customers. It is the highest level in the organization hierarchy. These decisions have three types of organizational structure: functional, divisional, matrix and hybrid structures.

Importance of organizational structure

In order for real change to happen, the staff needs to fully embrace the vision and the systems of change. Therefore, if the decision making aspect of any organization is effective, then the strategies could be designed in most suitable and effective manner. The business entity makes alignment with the environmental factor by gaining knowledge about them Zepeda, It can help them to take concrete decision and business could be commenced. In an organization that has a transactional leader the tools of reward and punishment are utilized in the change management process Bass, There are many dimensions of organizational structures from hierarchy of authority, degree of centralization, complexity, specialization, formalization and professionalism that needs to be decided upon of being necessary for organizations to operate at best performance It can also be considered as keeping eyes through which individuals see their organization and its environment. If a company is focusing on planning, then it suggests that they are simply focused on the completion of work in a proper manner.

The abundant layers of managing are premeditated to make sure that no one person can throw the system off too much It will give us a clear and broad view of the organization. Without gaining an adequate amount of consideration to these aspects it is not possible to improve the strategic position of the company.

The term organizational structure is defined as: how job tasks are formally divided, grouped, and coordinated. But in same decision making the role of sale people could also be significant as they spent their most of the time assessing the products or services of its competitors or other brands.

purpose of organizational structure

The purpose of this report is an opportunity to gain knowledge of how this company evolved and how they operate their business.

Supporting employees are supposed to facilitate company functions for it to achieve its goal.

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Matasha Murrell Jones Organizational Structure Paper The temperature outside is 30 degrees and the predicted weather for the next week will continue to drop below freezing.

As a result, organizations across the world have resorted to de-layering or flattening their organizational structures with the hopes of achieving employee flexibility and improving the operations of the organization as well.

types of organizational structure

We focused on key areas of growth and product development. Techrepublic, Challenges In spite the fulfilment of many Internet-based applications, health care company can look forward to face many problems as they try to apply these technologies to acquire their strategic visions Understanding your organizational structure can also reveal important cross-functional relationships to coordinate work efforts for optimum results.

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