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Please be sure to follow all instructions for further action; failure to complete required steps may forfeit your placement. The essay causes the reader to think and reflect on the topic.

Accepted students typically have exceptional or impressive academic records; outstanding essays demonstrating analytical, critical, and creative thinking; quality extracurricular involvement showing genuine commitment and leadership; unique talents or abilities; and willingness to embrace diversity in both ideas and people.

IB has prepared me for the highest quality of academic experience at OSU through a challenging high school curriculum. How much does it cost to go to Ohio State and are there extra fees to be in the Honors Program or the Scholars Programs?

Personal or academic attributes that will enrich the Honors community are also considered.

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Ohio State does not combine or average ACT or combined SAT Critical Reading and Math scores from multiple test dates, mix sub-scores from multiple tests or adjust scholarship values for higher test scores submitted after the scholarship's published deadline for most, this is November 1.

We do not require a minimum set of criteria for our programs i.

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The student is able to organize and articulate their thoughts. The HC welcomes students from diverse academic, cultural and geographic backgrounds. Q: Do I have to be a first-year student to apply to the HC? Published criteria represent the minimum qualifications for consideration. If you postpone your decision, you will have until May 1 to inform the HC of your final decision. Failure to complete required steps may forfeit your offer or placement. The HC offers the benefits of small classes, a residence hall option, student learning centers and personal advising with the research and involvement opportunities of OSU. The best response will offer a unique and specific example that will stand out among the many essays the admissions committee will review. Can a student be in both the Honors Program and the Scholars Program? Q: If I'm not admitted for early action, can I apply again by the regular decision deadline? HC differential tuition enables the Honors College to provide small seminar-style classes, academic advising, co-curricular activities and other amenities.

Can I still apply to the Honors College? The student is able to organize and articulate their thoughts. Students who are having difficulties paying the HC differential tuition are encouraged to speak with an honors advisor.

In addition, to graduate "with Honors" or "with Honors Research Distinction," you must fulfill all requirements stipulated by your college of enrollment i. There is only one deadline March 15 for transfer and current OSU students.

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Do not select yourself, a personal anecdote, or any of the above examples as the topic for your response.

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