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She leaves disappointed, only to find Seung-jo waiting for her at the back. Having completely forgotten about her date with Seung-jo, she rushes to the restaurant, where they are just about to close up.

Playful Kiss was pure, heartfelt joy for me. In spite her flaws, she brought warmth to everyone she touched and everyone surrounding her brought the love to her too.

I get teary eyed just thinking how special she was in this role Why wouldn't we want to escape for a while in a gentle, sweet world that largely doesn't exist in the real world, but wouldn't it be nice if it did?

This was completely devoid of that!!!!!!! It left many of the sinister tropes behind. I have around 20 under my belt as of writing this review.

She was every bit his 'knight in shining armour' and Joon Gu said so much! Once in a while, isn't it nice to experience a story where people are good and helpful to each other.

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She played this part as well as you could hope. She seemed to have a screw loose and was weird, but that, at least for me, faded quickly. Touched, she runs up and hugs him and they leave together.

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Mischievous Kiss (TV Series