Red bull marketing essay

For this purpose, the study will detail an analysis of the impact of the marketing strategies and also evaluate the positive effects of the marketing strategies of the company Red Bull.

It contains taurine, glucuronolactone, naturally occurring antioxidants and carbohydrates respectively, that help to detoxify the body. This literature review makes a presentation on the marketing strategies adopted by the company for the promotion of its products in the UK.

They use an aggressive strategy to promote their products.

Red bull marketing essay

Mateschitz bought the rights to market it world-wide excluding Thailand, which continued producing its own brand. A research in to various professional journals, magazines and technical literature will provide a deep insight in to the topic undertaken by the researcher. They all share physical and mental exertion in common and getting their adrenaline pumping. Having a more accessible product will increase sales as well as market share, while simultaneously decreasing the sales of competitors. These drinks enjoyed wide spread popularity and this gave him the idea to market such functional drinks outside Asia. Red Bull does not follow a Glocal Marketing …show more content… Also, Red Bull currently offers only one packaging size, it can introduce 1 litre Red Bull bottles that will be beneficial for the Clubs owners in terms of Raw Material costs and Red Bull in terms of Manufacturing costs. One thing that they can do in order to improve their product placement is start Red Bull kiosks. Mateschitz also has been involved in Formula One racing for more than a decade, using the events to draw attention to his brand. For example Asia or Western Europe could be countries for a cheaper production. Secondary data desk is collected by others. Promising and delivering benefits that no other drink can offer. However, these methods are controversial and ineffective if relied upon solely. For example at universities or sport events because there are most of the people from the target group. Red Bull also have a secondary target market of older consumers in general ranging from 25 to 45 years old. New platforms: In-house media production like Red Bull Media House could continue creating Red Bull original content to maximize control.

These drinks enjoyed wide spread popularity and this gave him the idea to market such functional drinks outside Asia. In other countries the price could be a bit different.

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For example Red Bull had been banned in Norway for a couple of years because of the high caffeine content. Mudged by the targeted consumers, the generation L, differentiation is essential as they strive for their own identity. Red Bull could create some extreme sport online games and advertise on appropriate websites that are quite familiar with students and business people in different countries. Red Bull also have a secondary target market of older consumers in general ranging from 25 to 45 years old. Such analysis will include the elements of marketing as also the advertising concepts that are following by Red Bull as a part of the marketing strategy. Competitive games in the video game industry are also gravitating towards the products to keep them alert during tournaments. Consumer awareness of health: In case of consumer awareness related to health, it could be possible that consumer give up to drink Red Bull. Red Bull needs to continue to find new ways of reaching and create creative dialogue with its consumers Burns and Grove cited by Cormack , p. Attitudes, motivation, personality, lifestyle are some intrinsic subfactors that determine the behaviour of a person. The company's nontraditional marketing has paid off: More than a billion cans of Red Bull are consumed each year, according to the company. Nancy F. A brand can only work when it communicates in a consistent and meaningful way. In addition, he sponsors the World Stunt Awards, an annual fund-raiser to help injured stunt workers.

Compared to the competitors Red Bull is nearly twice expensive as Monster or Rockstar. In this method the researcher is considered external to the actual research and results are expected to be the same, no matter who conducts the research.

The marketing strategies enable the firms to educate the customers on the utility as well as quality of the products so that the customers are made to buy and use the product.

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Red Bull is the global market leader within the energy drink industry with the largest sale and market share. As it is an energy drink and has proven that it can revitalize the body and mind, it fits as an advantage in the rational sense. Monster represents the biggest threat as it contains natural ingredients, which seems more desirable than Red Bull for some consumers.

It also targets young club-goers and private parties in order to spread its picture as a stylish drink. Red Bull spends relatively little on traditional print and TV advertising, instead relying on sponsorships of extreme sports or giving away samples at local events.

Therefore I think it is time to advertise more in general public to response a bigger target group.

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Essay about Energy Drinks: Red Bull