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Importance of ict in education

Several messages reflected such an experience: The teachers in my placement were all just newly qualified and very good at getting children involved in using ICT. Such societal phenomena are reflected within the education system. So far, ICT gives easiness to run the teaching learning process. In my school, the things kids were doing on the computer were really tedious and boring. If teachers were given clear examples of the advantages of using ICT and opportunity to learn how to use it constructively without having to pay for it , there would be a majority uptake. Students made comparisons between situations in which teachers used more traditional, teacher-centred methods of teaching and the situations in which they adopted ICT and more participative methods. Not all students made such reflective comments on possible ways of improving attitudes and practice with ICT. It is reasonable to assume that students who have more experience in using ICT in their own learning and personal life will have a more sophisticated understanding of the benefits of technology in the classroom.

Students cooperated as a community in building a set of ideas that were developed through collaborative negotiations and the forums appeared thus to be influential in determining 20 individual attitudes to ICT use.

Second it is likely that when entering the teaching profession, students, even with good ICT skills, will hesitate to apply them in teaching if the physical, human or cultural factors in the school are not adequate for an efficient integration of ICT in classes, especially if their experience of using ICT to date has been blighted by problems.

They tended to reflect on the impact that ICT had on reshaping classroom dynamics and ultimately on the relationship between teachers and pupils.

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Classes in which ICT was integrated effectively in meaningful activities were perceived as being more enjoyable for the learners and with a greater potential to provide them with memorable learning experiences. Learners were seen to be more engaged and involved in the processes of learning when their exploration of the ICT tools was framed by a coherent input from the teacher and by constant guidance and assistance, if required.

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It is important that teachers do reflect on practices and take the appropriate steps to improve them. If teachers were given clear examples of the advantages of using ICT and opportunity to learn how to use it constructively without having to pay for itthere would be a majority uptake.

One teacher said that even the most technophobe teachers were won over due to the supportive atmosphere between staff By contrast, teachers who were isolated ICT users in a community of non-users were thought to be under pressure to conform and return to more traditional, nontechnical based methods of teaching.

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Messages were analysed using a form of recursive comparative analysis; this refers to a process by which the findings that emerge from the data are constantly tested and refined to take account of all the relevant data.

He was therefore able to use the PC to write things up, print out his work and stick it in his jotter.

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A Reflection Paper on the ICT Learning Process