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If you have found a trademark that works for your business, the first step is to search the Canadian Trademarks Database to see if it is available.

how to trademark a name

I assigned the renewal rights in my song to a publisher when I first wrote it and the publisher renewed it for me. Your trademark stands for your brand Protecting your brand and the products and services it stands for is critical to your future sales.

The song must be your original work, meaning that it must have been created by you and must show some minimal amount of creativity. However, it probably is still protected in foreign countries, since for a long time most other countries have had a single term of copyright based upon a number of years beyond the life of the author, such as now is the case in the U.

Prepare derivative works, including new arrangements.

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But they are. Therefore, you get to keep the full amount. Once the government has processed your application, the copyright registration is sent directly to you.

If no such clause existed, your assignment to the publisher probably was unconditional, and you have no right to treat the copyright as your own.

Do i need to trademark my business name

Do the math. You'll get up to ten 10 messages per month. Visit the website of the U. Fewer entrepreneurs seemed to be hiring copywriters. Although it is not necessary, if you send your Form PA with the proper copies and fee to the Copyright Office by certified mail, return receipt requested, the date stamped on your certified mail receipt can serve as evidence of your effective date of registration and you can thereafter send your song to prospective publishers without worrying about proof of registration in the event of infringement before you receive the actual certificate. The renewal registration is still effective if the publisher did it for you. Debt will kill your cash flow. Many of the most frequently asked questions are addressed below. Do not confuse acquiring a copyright with registering your claim to copyright. Copyright Office at copyright. I hardly dare to guess. If you make an audio recording of your song, you may copyright in the sound recording in addition to your copyright in the song itself.

In fact, your brand can become one of the most valuable things about your business as customers come to know it well it over time. As always, if you want to follow along by email, sign up below. Must I still put a copyright notice on published copies of my song?

If you register by mail, you can send the fee by check or money order.

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How to Register a Trademark for a Company Name