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American craft chocolate makers pride themselves, and find their consumer niche, in and because of direct and transparent trade, a commitment to the local, high quality organic beans, a stand against forced labor conditions, and producing a chocolate that tastes nothing like mass market brands.

Last week, it was reported that Hershey is considering its own offer for Cadbury. This is a situation that all new businesses strive for and although Scharffen Berger is pleased with their growth, they are facing a potential dilemma.

Also in the conching process other ingredients such as sugar, vanilla and lecithin are added. In order to understand how to meet the increased demand, research was conducted to unveil the problematic issues the …show more content… Cons: This is a risky undertaking as Scharffen Berger has only had experience operating their West Coast location.

Now it was time to address the serious business of unwrapping those precious squares, placing them carefully at the back of your tongue and resisting the temptation to chew as you savor each melted drop of liquid pleasure.

A smooth caramel like finish? Feeling the pressure of time, he sold his medical practice and traveled around Europe, where his adventures included two weeks interning at French chocolatier, Bernachon, where he fell in love with the craft chocolate industry Nelson.

Cacao content on labels is now common in the industry.

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How were we to conduct the chocolate taste test without chocolates? And they hold the view and obey it: Quality is the biggest concern for the company. Thus, we can conclude that in all the cases either by increasing the number of hours the equipments run or by adding similar machines or by increasing the number of employees, Scharffen Berger to keep pace with the growing demand and at the same time have a strong control over the process quality. Still, I began to think that maybe I was being too pessimistic. Note to future presenters: Feeding us on a Friday afternoon is always a good idea. Last week, it was reported that Hershey is considering its own offer for Cadbury. Scharffen Berger was the first American chocolate maker to prominently feature a chocolate bar's cacao content on the label , [1] the higher the number the darker and more bitter the chocolate bar. In order to deal with the tangible problem of leaving their local community, and laying off long time company workers, Hershey focused on continuing to market Scharffen Berger as an independent San Francisco company, even though it longer had any labor commitment to, or community involvement with, the Bay Area.

Bottom Line: The cost to purchase a new facility and equipment for an East Coast location would be a large capital venture that most likely would not create a return on investment in a timely manner and could result in poor product quality.

This is likely why the backlash against the factory relocation was particularly strong in the San Francisco press Colliver.

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Is Bigger Really Better? Hershey’s Takeover of Scharffen Berger Chocolates