Shampoo marketing mix

About Sunsilk: Another global brand by Unilever, Sunsilk caters to the hair care segment.

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Monday, 25 August Marketing Mix Elements The marketing mix refers to the set of actions, or tactics, that a company uses to promote its brand or product in the market.

Let us start the Sunsilk Marketing Mix: Product: The product strategy and mix in Sunsilk marketing strategy can be explained as follows: Sunsilk is a global brand name when it comes to haircare.

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It is a greater impact and attraction to consumers. Besides that, there were free samples to customers from answering questions held by Headline Daily. Hence price plays a very important role. Pricing Strategies: BaWang use 3 pricing strategies, they are: Promotional pricing: Although the price is higher than other normal products, sometimes the personal care store would provide a special discount to the consumers. Besides, BaWang uses many resources to develop the product involve some of the Chinese herbal extracts. They seek for basic personal care products. PLACE - refers to the point of sale.

On a larger scale, Sunsilk is present in over 80 countries and has a market leader position in countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This initiative also ended up getting an extensive media coverage.

It can attract brand switchers or reward loyal customers. Image: company website Price: Below is the pricing strategy in Sunsilk marketing strategy: Sunsilk offers products which are competitively priced.

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PLACE - refers to the point of sale. It is an effective way to reach mass market and build awareness. Sunsilk entered the hair care segment by introducing shampoos but now it has moved on to other products as well like hair conditioners, sprays etc.

Shampoo marketing mix

Conclusion After we analysis the marketing mix of these 3 shampoos, we think these 3 shampoos can target their customers, but we have some suggestions in several areas. The interactive website of Sunsilk also helps in increasing user engagement from potential customers. Sunsilk has proactively been involved in advertising and marketing of its products which has helped the brand achieving its current status. In the TV commercial of BaWang, it goes straight forward to deliver the function of the product to target customers. Finally, consumer will buy the product from retailer. PRICE - refers to the value that is put for a product. Customer would compare the shampoo on suitability, quality, price and style.
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Sunsilk Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy