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I certainly hated every minute of my captivity more than I have ever hated any other period in my whole life. The bodies of the two robbers were later found inside the charred ruins.

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Churchill's degree of participation is still in some dispute: Some accounts have him going to the scene only to see for himself what was going on; others state that he allegedly gave directions to police on how to best storm the building. But few credibly argue that he was anything other than a giant figure of his age and one who, for all his faults, delivered what the British nation needed at its most acute time of crisis.

Here, despite substantial achievements in prison reform, he had to devote himself principally to coping with a sweeping wave of industrial unrest and violent strikes. Raiding the enemy coast required the development of landing craft and other equipment, plus the active cooperation of army, navy, and air force.

Indeed, his many close shaves only seemed to further encourage him to tempt destiny and put himself in the way of yet more danger. On his first assignment, the armoured train he was accompanying was ambushed and Winston organized a defensive withdraw.

This was the difference between Adolf Hitler and Churchill, and ultimately why the former had to impose his will, and the latter could, above all else, inspire people to follow him. The Cavalry became a source of both joy and tension for Winston.

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