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You can even try a simple paper bridge challenge outlined here. It also involves using some technology, a multimeter. How do polar bears stay warm? In this STEM activity kids build a lemon battery, learn about electrical circuits, battery cells and light a bulb!

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Creating clean water Too many areas of the world — including cities in our own country — do not have access to clean water. Also these are so easy to change up for holidays and seasons!

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How many are there? Homemade Slushies Thirsty?

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Perfect for younger learners, students can predict, label, count, and experiment! A fantastic group project, just are fascinated with this process. Look around you—most of the objects in the room are probably balanced and not on the verge of tipping over. Take some cool apps outside with outdoor tech and search the stars or go geocaching. Glow Salt Circuit This is a fairly simple activity that involves a little art as students make their designs. Make sure to note the science, tech, and math that go into these projects! This is far from an exhaustive list. Students from elementary to high school can wonder, design, and invent a real product that solves real problems. An erupting lemon volcano is always a big hit with kids for cool chemistry. See the project. Check out our simple physics activities all in one spot with easy to set up instructions and simple science information. Learn all about algorithms and create your own even without a screen! Elementary is a fantastic time to introduce STEM activities.
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STEM Projects That Tackle Real