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My university library happens to be able to assign DOIs. Authors have the full right to make their works available to other commercial services or for open access outside of the ProQuest service.

Currently, iParadigms reports more than 10, institutional licenses are currently in place in countries.

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How long are published foreign works protected by copyright? You must maintain a current address on record with ProQuest to receive a royalty. Finally, there was a trend for a larger proportion of published dissertations to report significant findings than unpublished dissertations, I prefer to use my own university's repository as the canonical source of bibliographic information about my publications to remain maximally in control of it.

Difference between published and unpublished sources of data

However, it is unclear whether these conclusions apply to studies in psycho-oncology research. We found that particular strengths of this research, present in a majority of projects, included using randomized designs, testing for baseline group equivalence, and monitoring treatment, the use of which rose significantly over time. The reality is that publishers and their editorial boards vary in their views on whether submission of a dissertation or thesis to ProQuest or an institutional repository constitutes a prior publication that may disqualify the author from submitting a journal article or monograph on the same subject matter for publication. ProQuest recommends that authors explore all available options for dissemination of their work. But like any other copyrighted work, they may have entered the public domain. Academic Institution, City, State. Similarly, because outcomes in this area are predominantly based on self-report, assessments of blinding of outcome assessors also were not included. ProQuest has partnered with academic institutions around the world to archive and disseminate a comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses. I'm just exploring options. ProQuest now has partnerships with most of the doctoral institutions in the U. We strive to ensure the best image quality at the time of original filming. ProQuest aggregates content from more than 90, scholarly journals and more than 86, ebooks that are used every day in every major research library in the world. Your suggested combined citation makes sense, but I want to hear more opinions from people here to make up my mind. Authors earn royalties based upon the sales and downloads of their work. Is it in the public domain if I find it online?

Can you help? However, our analyses were at the project level. Though, a journal may want you to edit your work a bit to make it something different for the journal iteration. I didn't mean to use both citations within the same referencing document, but one of each, based on that document's audience and its assumed access.

Method Study Identification Studies included in the larger review Moyer, Sohl, Knapp-Oliver, Schneider, in press examined psychosocial interventions for adult cancer patients that: 1 reported outcomes on psychological, emotional, behavioral, physiological, functional, or medical status; 2 were first reported as a published article or dissertation between January and December ; and 3 included 10 or more individuals per group.

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The figshare approach would certainly work, but putting three copies out there might confuse people - if you do this I'd recommend including a coversheet on the figshare version pointing to the other two copies and clarifying that the content of the thesis itself is the same. Though, a journal may want you to edit your work a bit to make it something different for the journal iteration. How much does it cost to submit my dissertation to ProQuest? Thus, an additional goal of this review was to examine whether dissertations that reported significant findings were more likely to be published. Since the published. ProQuest continues to develop and expand partnerships in order to raise the visibility of dissertations and theses through high-quality, relevant indexes and databases. As copyright holder of your scholarship, you're entitled to make derivative works and adapt or rearrange your work as you see fit. ProQuest recommends that authors explore all available options for dissemination of their work.

ProQuest received feedback from many university administrators and library staff who were concerned about maintaining the quality and integrity of their theses and dissertations.

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