The 5 themes of geography on greece

In Julythe smog again reached the danger point, and 73 factories were ordered to stop producing their products and cars were banned from the city. Then analyze your made-up city-state using the 5 Themes.

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Kids in Greece ages attend school. This country is famous for its mythology used in ancient times as a polytheistic religion that taught the people of Greece about their many gods and the meaning of life.

The possibilities are endless! You can add examples to those that I've written about here.

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You could pick a city-state from ancient Greece like Athens, Sparta, Corinth, etc. How are areas of ancient Greece grouped together?

The 5 themes of geography on greece

They were able to add more protein to their diet from goat meat and goat's milk. This is important because it shows where the capital of Greece. This relates to the theme because people in Greece depend on these animals for food. At the battles of Marathon , Thermopylae and Salamis , the Greeks used their environment to their advantage in fighting the Persian Empire. City-states became fiercely independent, had their own traditions, and sometimes became rivals partly because of their isolation by geography. Share Activity Share Click me!! Olives, and especially olive oil, became a product the Greeks used and traded a lot. Amazon Link Here are some other project ideas Movement Regions Let's go through each theme and come up with some examples. Regions - What areas of ancient Greece have similar characteristics? They worshiped many gods. Most Greeks traveled by sea or by foot. A region of Greece based on physical geography is the Peloponnesus. Use the 5 Themes to analyze your favorite movie!

A political feature of Greece is that they have a parliamentary republic. We have a lot of positive and negative things that people do in this Earth.

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An economical feature of Greece is a capitalist economy. Most Greek city-states had an acropolis. Ancient Greece was a peninsula with many other peninsulas connected to it. As a result, many Greeks became excellent sailors and seamen. Remember, a peninsula is land surrounded by water on three sides. Another pull factor could be the rich and preserved history of cities like Athens. In the capital city of Athens, the Greeks preserved so much culture and many buildings and structures from ancient times.

Letters of the Greek alphabet.

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5 Themes of Geography