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At least seven shelters were opened. Clara Barton's sloppy bookkeeping, as well as questions regarding Barton's ability to manage a large, national organization, led to a congressional investigation.

Barton's experiences of collecting and distributing supplies to soldiers during the Civil War, as well as working as a nurse on battlefields, made her a champion for the rights of wounded soldiers.

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Just days after the first local chapter of the American Red Cross was established in Dansville, NY on August 22,the American Red Cross jumped into its first disaster relief operation when they responded to the devastation caused by major forest fires in Michigan.

She has previously worked for NGOs, the World Bank and spent a number of years as a journalist for a regional newspaper in the U.

Leading these efforts are ARC, the U.

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This service attempts to re-establish contact between separated family members. The suggestion was that Allied soldiers were being charged money so Americans should be charged too so as to "ensure an equitable distribution among all service personnel of Red Cross resources". Carney Airfield , Guadalcanal , Solomon Islands Red Cross girl, August One criticism of Red Cross services to the military stems from stories about ARC charging troops during the Second World War and Korean War token fees for "comfort items" such as toothpaste, coffee, donuts, and cigarettes and for off-base food and lodging. An ERU is made up of trained personnel and pre-packaged equipment that is crucial in responding to sudden, large-scale disasters and emergencies in remote locations. The American Red Cross continued to aid victims of fires, floods, and hurricanes over the next several years; however, their role grew during the Johnstown flood when the American Red Cross set up large shelters to temporarily house those dislocated by the disaster. Barton's experiences of collecting and distributing supplies to soldiers during the Civil War, as well as working as a nurse on battlefields, made her a champion for the rights of wounded soldiers. In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the international development community will be watching closely to measure the response to the devastation and the potential cholera epidemic in Haiti — and the American Red Cross will likely continue to face increased scrutiny since the fall out after the earthquake. In World War II, the American Red Cross played a similar role but also sent millions of packages of food to POWs, began a blood collection service to aid the wounded, and established clubs such as the famous Rainbow Corner to offer entertainment and food to servicemen. Get development's most important headlines in your inbox every day. Jennifer Rosenberg is a historian, history fact-checker, and freelance writer who writes about 20th-century history topics. Clara Barton became the first president of the American Red Cross and led the organization for the next 23 years. The Measles Initiative has supported vaccination campaigns in more than 60 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia. ARC provided technical assistance and capacity-building support to its partners in difficult-to-reach communities. The organization deployed more than 30 Emergency Response Vehicles for community food and supply distribution. The charter also protects the Red Cross emblem a red cross on a white background for use only by the Red Cross.

Stimson to Norman H. Thanks for subscribing! International humanitarian law[ edit ] ARC International Services educates the American public about the guiding principles of international humanitarian law IHL for conduct in warfare as set forth by the Geneva Conventions of About the author Sophie Edwards Sophie Edwards is a Reporter for Devex based in London covering global development news including global education, water and sanitation, innovative financing, the environment along with other topics.

Sheltering and feeding continue to this day to be the largest responsibilities of the Red Cross immediately following a disaster. It provided funds for school fees for affected families.

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