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Air safety The Australian Government doesn't provide information on the safety of individual commercial airlines or flight paths.

Wherever you travel: Don't accept drinks from strangers or leave food or drinks unattended. In a league of city-states, the Lombard Leaguedefeated the German emperor Frederick Barbarossa at the Battle of Legnanothus ensuring effective independence for most of northern and central Italian cities.

The first plant of this type was pioneered in Sicily in You must get your IDP before departing Australia.

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The wealth such business brought to Italy meant that large public and private artistic projects could be commissioned. If this happens again large resources will need to be found elsewhere.

Organized groups of thieves and pick-pockets operate at major tourist destinations, in train stations, bars, and cafes.

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Drug laws More information: Carrying or using drugs Other laws Pay attention to signs about conduct around tourist areas in major cities. Italy's deputy prime ministers, the leaders of Lega and M5S, had appeared unrepentant about the budget while Economy Minister Giovanni Tria and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte were more malleable to changes.

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Meanwhile, the yields on all its short-term two, five and year bonds fell with the yield on Italy's benchmark year government bond at 2. Humanist historian Leonardo Bruni divided the history in the antiquity, Middle Ages and modern period. Concerns about fiscal policy appear to have abated, following an agreement between Italy and the European Commission. Monitor your transaction statements. Additional factors like greenhouse gases impact of different bioenergy technologies, also influence the support granted. Italy is home to more World Heritage Sites than any other nation in the world. Snow tyres or chains are mandatory in some mountainous regions or areas where snow is common. In it made over 5 million tonnes. Often a member of the group will pretend to come to the assistance of the victim while others make off with the victim's valuables. The Renaissance , a period of vigorous revival of the arts and culture, originated in Italy due to a number of factors: the great wealth accumulated by merchant cities, the patronage of its dominant families, [68] and the migration of Greek scholars and texts to Italy following the Conquest of Constantinople at the hands of the Ottoman Turks. More information: Terrorism threat worldwide Local travel Since , there have been significant pressures on border controls in Europe due to the movement of asylum seekers. Thieves often work in groups to distract victims and rob them while they are looking elsewhere.

Although Italy has made revisions to its spending plans, Dombrovskis stressed that the composition of the spending still raised concerns, particularly the main expansionary measures — the citizens' income and rollback of pensions reforms including lowering the retirement age.

See Safety and security General public and private sector strikes can affect public transport.

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Italy: Toward Growth, Social Inclusion, and Sustainability