The life and acting career of rob schneider

The series was canceled by CBS in May Schneider has uttered the line "You can do it! Schneider starred as the title character in the CBS-TV situation comedy Robwhich was loosely based on his real life. When people start saying you're dead. The painful divorce caused her drug addiction and serious conflict with a father.

He's found ways to occupy himself. So while his face has become a rarer and rarer sight on the silver screen, we're sure to hear more from him in the future.

If you think it's because Hollywood is avoiding him, you're probably right. Schneider's directorial debut, the comedy Big Stanwas released in some overseas markets during the fall ofwith a U.

His father, Marvin Schneiderwas a real-estate broker. In Schneider's appearance with Leno on the July 24, episode of The Tonight Show, he showed up in drag as actress Lindsay Lohan after the latter cancelled following a controversial arrest for driving under the influence.

Marvin served as the real estate broker and was Board of Realtors President in Pacifica.

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She became a mother of his oldest daughter Tanner, professionally known as Elle King. Rob Schneider had relationships with Julia Sweeney who he dated fromJill Barron who he dated in and later, Nicola Tappenden in The foundation returned music education to Pacifica 's elementary schools by paying the teachers' salaries and providing funds for instruments and other equipment.

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Why Hollywood wants no part of Rob Schneider