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On the walls are mounted heads of lions, elephants, moose, cape buffalo, and other big gameā€”all outstanding specimens.

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The general plans to use them as quarry. Zaroff stands but Ivan is down, a victim of the trap. There is blood, and he finds an empty cartridge and the footprints of the hunter. Rainsford continues to plod through the bush, even when it is dark, until he steps in quicksand. Water fills his mouth when he tries to cry out. What happens next? Instead, he hunts the ultimate trophy animal: man.

After Zaroff advises him to avoid a swamp with quicksand in the southeast corner of the island, Ivan brings Rainsford hunting clothes, moccasins, a knife, and a sack of food. There are many themes and literary elements included in this piece. By the age of sixteen he had become the editor of the Poughkeepsie News-Press.

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Study Guide Prepared by Michael J. In what ways does Rainsford demonstrate both instinct and reason during the hunt?

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Ultimately, one of the largest differences, as referenced by Zaroff in the text, is the ability of humans to reason. Backing up about four yards, he digs a pit shoulder-high. Rainsford must his fight his own fear and exhaustion in order to stay ahead of the general. Toward morning, he dozes off but awakens a short while later when he hears gunfire in the distance. Setting The action takes place shortly after the First World War. In addition, examples can be drawn from Rainsford's actions during various parts of the hunt i. The setting is the surroundings of the story, or where it takes place. Also called borscht. Rainsford is the story's protagonist, or main character. The title of this story, a major factor of suspense, tells the audience exactly what will happen.

At a window, he presses a button that turns on lights out at sea, indicating a channel where there are actually jagged rocks.

Rainsford must his fight his own fear and exhaustion in order to stay ahead of the general. In the bush, Rainsford tries to put the greatest possible distance between himself and Zaroff.

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Like Zaroff, he is a Cossack.

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