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Love is associated with duties to others that put others under obligation. Respect, on the other hand, requires that I limit my own self-esteem by the dignity inherent in the other person. Spanier, New York: Academic Press, Munsinger, Gary M. Officially, the U.

Following Ronald Green's suggestion concerning Kierkegaard's dependence upon Kant, I show how Kierkegaard drew upon Kant's work, The Metaphysics of Morals in order to develop his own doctrine of divine love.

The family is the group where we can potentially find intimacy, nurturing, and a sense of loving and being loved by someone. The basis of Kierkegaard's reflection in the first part of Works of Love is the text of Matthew"And a second is like it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Measurement Issues Affection in the family decision making process can be measured by a number of scales available in the literature.

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This gives them the priority, lifting the burden of the task of creating love in them from the lover. The existence of differences would suggest a need to propose alternative explanations for the family decision process.

For example, children are nurtured and are closely associated with their parents, usually for many years.

Importance of love in family

This scale examines five types of intimacy: emotional, social, sexual, intellectual, and recreational. Money can fill a house with beautiful things, gadgets and endless amusements, but it cannot fill a heart. Strong affectional ties both positive and negative within the family generally result from this long and close relationship. Individuals may resolve conflicts by bargaining a compromise solution, trading off a loss for future considerations, using persuasive techniques, seeking mediation by a third party, and using problem solving skills and techniques Sheth and Cosmas Richard P. Friendship is defined by Kant as the "union of two persons through equal mutual love and respect. In the remainder of the paper, the aforementioned concepts will be referred to as affection. Kant's duty-centered ethic often contrasts duty with self-love as a form of inclination. And so, my love for the others must be limited by my respect for them. Where Kant saw only a peripheral role for love in the moral life, we will see how Kierkegaard places love at the center of human life. Tian Dayton, click here. Cosenza, Robert M. How it makes us responsible to another person, because we feel, from the inside, how much we matter. P4: Greater intimacy of families may result in greater incidence of joint decision-making as opposed to single member decision-making dominance. Smith describes Works of Love as "making the doctrine of love more inward, more personal, but not for that reason less objective, in the sense of being grounded in the primacy of God's love.

However, the concepts and theories borrowed from other paradigms must be used with consideration of the underlying contexts, assumptions, and the conceptual relationships established by each research discipline. Qualls, William J.

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The Role of Love in Mental Health