The use of satire in the futuristic world of aldous huxley in brave new world

His Christian name derives from the French physiologist Claude Bernard —who has become known as the father of experimental medicine, while his family name, of course, alludes to the famous nineteenth-century German sociologist Karl Marx, credited with the foundation of Communism see Meckier, Everything is possible […]; faith is the substance of things hoped for.

A voice that can only be that of the Controller reviewing the history that produced the world state, says that five centuries earlier the rulers realized the need for the perfect drug.

Bernard replies by bringing in Linda, "a strange and terrifying monster of middle-agedness," who recognizes the Director as her lover of a generation earlier and greets him with affection. It is in French, but written by a Russian, Nicolas Berdiaeff. The group then does indeed fall "in partial disintegration" into a real orgy, though it seems to be by couples rather than group sex.

Later in the novel, soma turns up again when Mond and John discuss the value of religion, and soma is ascribed a personal and social function see chapter There are at least three more editions to be bought on the didactic market: Dieter Hamblock ed.

satire in brave new world chapter 1

The Head Mistress says death is "like any other physiological process. Huxley is telling you here as plainly as he can that this is a bad Utopia. Children are conditioned at hospitals for the dying and given sweets to eat when they hear of death occurring.

The Controller also explains why society cannot function with nothing but Alphas-they won't do the dirty work, the work Epsilons like doing.

The novel's first climax is about to occur: John and Linda's plunge into the brave new Utopia, the thrusting of unorthodox, emotional humans into the world of orthodox, emotionless clones. Lenina is more a cartoon character than a real person, but she triggers John's emotional violence and provides the occasion for his suicide when she comes to see him whip himself.

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