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News General News Register Now!!! A special case study of a lone migrant fisherman is used in order to reveal how the simple awareness of one's rights as a migrant worker in Thailand can lead to many years of successful protection from this kind of labor exploitation.

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There are three competing rounds Online audition, Preliminary and Grand Final A variety of thesis topics are valuable not only to the university but global since they are applicable and can be further improved for future works.

However, little research has been done to understand the structural system of protection mechanisms that have been put in place to try and prevent these violations of human rights and security from occurring in the first place.

We hope the 3MT thesis competition contributes benefits to all competitors not only academic knowledges, but also useful expertise in terms of public speaking, effective communication in limited time, and attractive presentation slide technique.

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The competition is a great addition to graduate students for all universities in Thailand and an excellent opportunity to publicize the work. The study compares cost efficiency of domestic and foreign banks in Thailand by using bank-panel data on quarterly financial statements of the selected Thai commercial banks between and Also, it is to investigate empirically the relation between the value creation efficiency and firms' financial performance by capturing the perception of intellectual capital in the banking industry and identifying perceived value of this organizational variable in the bank.

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