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The study has implications for policymakers at the national and state level, microfinance providers, members and funding agencies. Measuring social acceptance of microfinance institutions. Micro financing compared to the interest based banking sector. A study on relationship between economic growth and stock market development.

This thesis evaluates the contribution of microfinance programs in promotion of financial inclusion in India. Effects of microfinance in developing agricultural countries. Abstract: The thesis defines financial inclusion as ongoing access to a range of financial services in an affordable and convenient manner.

How important it is access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment? In addition, in MFIs, there were? The findings from provider and member level research included barriers to microfinance membership; the requirement for a wider range of financial services particularly savings services; and the need for enhanced financial literacy and financial management skills among members.

Micro financing part in national savings. A research design based on case studies and qualitative research methods was adopted. As low income groups are often among those lacking such access, microfinance programmes providing financial services to them have emerged as a public policy instrument to promote financial inclusion.

Micro financing in improving of national economy.

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PhD Thesis Topics in Microfinance and Related Areas