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The Viewer as modern slave to consumption in the terms of analysis should be seen as a gods end to the whole picture in terms of many many assertion, that the viewer decides what is actually analyzed.

We should also take here in our account the levels of education of the individual user of media.

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Discuss if the characters are flat or round, and if they are realistic or stereotypical. For all the hype of other forms of entertainment and media, here once again when is the time to view world events or even opinion, here is the solution for many people to view the TV as the newsbroker in their lives and build the TV around this whole world of media consumption.

TV over the Internet, but the problem of open debate persists, as many observers must now be more careful to interact on what is right on the news, or right on the money of the producer. TV plays a rightfull role in informing people of News, but creates also content which should be very open handed an viewed.

The standard deviation is shown in black bars.

What genre is it? The real analysis shows as in clear terms what people see, what is in real terms delivered to them by the networks. How real is Reality? As always people should be advised to think before they switch on the television channel of their choice. The graphs speak for themselves, showing the simplicity of the series Big bang theory, Friends, How I met your mother and Two and a half men. Is it scripted? Single mom characters Olivia Spencer Crystal Chappell and Natalia Rivera Jessica Leccia were doomed to go off the air without sharing their first kiss.

It was a smart move. More and More to the Viewer's delight comes light-entertainment to the fore. Do they look like real people, or like models and pin-ups?

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It should not be forgotten that people on their own choose the TV or any other media outlet. Given the data, we could determine the number of places, threads and actors in one episode.

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Basic Television Analysis